Special Guests

Thursday, March 1, 2018

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Special Guests from the Film Industry

Anna Serner

Anna Serner is the CEO of the Swedish Film Institute since October 2011. She was also Managing Director of the Swedish Media Publishers' Association (Tidningsutgivarna) and CEO of the Advertising Association of Sweden (Reklamförbundet) from 1998-2006, where she was active in public debate on freedom of speech and the media's role in society. With a degree in law, Anna has a wide experience on various Swedish government commissions, including one on copyright law. The gender equality work carried out by the Swedish Film Institute has received considerable international attention and inspired similar organizations, such as the film institutes in Austria and Ireland, Telefilm Canada and the co-financing fund Eurimages, and generated significant press coverage.

Laura Michalchyshyn

An accomplished producer and media executive, Laura Michalchyshyn’s career in film and television spans over 25 years. Laura has just completed a half-hour comedy series, Crawford from director Mike Clattenburg as well as a Netflix documentary series, Bobby Kennedy for President, from director Dawn Porter. Both are set to air in 2018. In 2012 Michalchyshyn co-founded Sundance Productions with Robert Redford. Prior to forming Sundance Productions, Michalchyshyn led cable channels including Sundance Channel, Discovery’s Planet Green, Showcase and IFC Canada. She recently produced The 4%: Film’s Gender Problem, a digital series with Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions and a one hour documentary special, Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno Live. Her awards include two Emmys, a GLAAD and a Peabody.

Paz Alicia Garciadiego

Paz Alicia Garciadiego was born in Mexico. She has worked as a screenwriter and screenwriting consultant in multiple international productions. Her trademark use of language and the complex creation of characters, specially female characters, has brought her international acclaim. She has taught this skill in numerous workshops. Her features include La mujer del puerto (1991), Deep Crimson (1996), awarded the Golden Osella for Best Screenplay at Venice, No One Writes to the Coronel (1999), and The Ruination of Men (2000), winner of the Golden Seashell at San Sebastian.

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Green Program

Grace Winter (Belgium), Researcher and film consultant
Grace Winter was born in Belgium. She is a film consultant and researcher. She studied Art History and Social Anthropology at the Université libre de Bruxelles, and was director of the distribution company Progrès Films for 18 years. She has been active as a researcher and film consultant and is affiliated with CINEMATEK in Brussels, International Film Festival Rotterdam, and MOOOV Film Festival Brussels. Wavrin’s Marquis - From the mansion to the jungle (2017) is her first documentary feature.


International Showcase

Nahuel Pérez Biscayart (Argentina), Actor

Known for working in French and Argentine films, and for appearing in numerous television series. He started his career at 17 years old. He is one of the most important actors in Argentine cinema, excelling in television and theater.

Winner of the Cóndor de Plata Prize (2005) for Best Male Revelation for the film Tatuado. Nominated for Best Actor for the movie Lulú (2014). For his role as Lucas in the French film Je suis à toi earned him awards at international film festivals. He won the Best Actor award at the César Awards of the French academy, Lumières Awards and Crystal Globes, for 120 Battements par Minute. He was the first Argentine actor to be nominated for the European Film Awards.

Zaradasht Ahmed (Kurdish/Norwegian), Director & photographer
He was born and raised in Northern Iraq. His previous work includes the award-winning Road to Diyarbakir and Fata Morgana. His latest documentary Nowhere to Hide has won several prestigious international prizes including Best Feature Length Documentary at IDFA (2016), Best Documentary at the One World Human Rights Festival (2017), the Audience Award at Thessaloniki Film Festival (2017), the Nestor Almendros Prize for courage in filmmaking at the Human Rights Watch FF (New York 2017), the Citizen Journalists prize from Traverse City FF (2017), and the Norwegian AMANDA for Best Documentary (2017). Zaradasht has many years of experience working with documentary filmmaking in the Middle East, North-Africa, and Asian regions, as well as experience training locals in documentation.

Giada Colagrande (Italia), Directora, escritora y actriz
She will participate in IFF Panama 2018 with her feature film Father (2016),that she wrote, directed and in which she also acted. All of her films had participated in the Venice International Film Festival and participated in several international film festivals. She was the winner of the Prix de l'Avenir Award of Paris Cinema with Open My Heart (2002). Her filmography includes Before It Had a Name (2005), distributed as Black Widow (2005); A Woman (2010); The Woman Dress (2012); Bob Wilson's Life and Death of Marina Abramovic (2012); The Abramovic Method (2013).

Iberoamerican Showcase

Daniela Vega (Chilean), Actress
Chilean actress and lyrical singer. She was born in San Miguel, Santiago, Chile. One her first plays was The Butterfly Woman, where she starred. In 2014 she made her filming debut in The Guest (2014). She also played the leading role in the Chilean film A Fantastic Woman (2017), which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. 

Manuel Francisco Viveros (Colombia), Actor
Actor and theater director. One of the best-known Afro-Colombian actors in the region. As an actor he is known for his role in Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal  (2012), Dirty Hands (2014), Candelaria (2017) and Antofagasta, New York (2017).

Juan Sebastián Jácome (Ecuador), Director
His films include Loading Truck (2007) and Route of the Moon (2012), which premiered at IFF Panama 2012, and won Best Feature at the Oaxaca Film Festival.

Irina Caballero (Panama), Producer
Producer of shorts and feature films. Her productions include Route of the Moon (2012), Holiday (2014), and Ashes (2018).

Gustavo Rondón Córdova (Venezuela), Director
Creator of shorts and feature films, Róndon Córdova lives in Venezuela and has made film projects showing the reality of his country. His short film Nostalgia was part of the official Berlinale selection. His debut opera Family (2017), premiered at the Semaine de la Critique de Cannes and has been accepted in more than 35 international festivals. It also won best film at the Festivals of Biarritz, Santiago, Lima and Skopje, Macedonia.

Everardo González (Mexico), Director
One of the leading voices of the Latin American documentary, Everardo González received the Amnesty International Award at the Berlin Festival, and the FIPRESCI Award (International Federation of Film Critics) for Devil´s Freedom, which presents stories of the violence victims in Mexico. He has participated in more than 30 International Film Festivals and Exhibitions.

Antonio Méndez Esparza (Spain), Director
Specialist in family dramas, this Spaniard based in Florida was the winner of the Semaine de la Critique de Cannes award, and winner of festivals such as Jerusalem, Montreal and Mumbai, with his film Here and there (2012) ; and the FIPRESCI Award (International Federation of Film Critics) of the San Sebastian Film Festival with Life and Nothing More (2017).

Pedro Hernández Santos (Spain), Producer
Hernández productions have won awards at several international festivals, and they include Here and There (2012), Magical Girl (2014), Talk (2015), The Furies (2016), Life and nothing more.

Michel Franco (Mexico), Director
He won the Un Certain Regard award at Cannes with After Lucia (2012) and with April's Daughter (2017). He also received the Golden Orange Award at the Turkish Antalya International Film Festival for best director.

Laura Mora Ortega (Colombia), Director
Her filmography includes Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal (2012). Her debut feature Killing Jesus, an autobiographical film that tells the story of a young woman who sees a hit man kill her father, was the winner at The International Cairo Festival and the Roger Ebert of the Chicago International Film Festival of emerging directors.

Natasha Jaramillo (Colombia), Actress
First time actress, Jaramillo is the main character in Killing Jesus (2017).

Gustavo Salmerón (Spain), Director
Actor and director. His filmography includes the short Desaliñada, winner of the Best Short Film Award at both,  Los Angeles Film Festival and the Goya Awards (Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences); and with his first documentary, Many Children, a Monkey and a Castle  was winner of the Goya Award for the best documentary 2018.

Eduardo Noriega (Spain), Actor
Actor known for his roles in Alejandro Amenábar's films, Thesis (1996) and Open your eyes (1997). He was also in Wolf (2004), Vantage Point (2008), The Last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger (2013), the German French production Beauty and the Beast  (2014), Our Lovers (2016), and Perfect Strangers (2017).

Geraldine Chaplin (USA), Actress
Actress of wide trajectory. Her first film was directed by his father Charlie Chaplin in 1952. She was the muse of director Carlos Saura in eight of his films and has been directed by master directors such as John Huston, Robert Altman, Claude Lelouch, Richard Attenborough, Martin Scorsese , Franco Zeffirelli, Pedro Almodóvar and others. She has won several awards of film academies and international festivals.

Benjamin Domenech (Argentina), Producer
Creator of REI productions of Argentina. He has produced films such as Carmina (2013), Sand Dollars (2014), History of Fear (2014), Hunting Season (2017), The Theater of Disappearance (2017) and Zama (2017).

Andrew Hevia (USA), Producer
He has produced for some of the most exciting directors working today, including Phil Lord, Hannah Fidell and Amy Seimetz. He co-produced the three time Academy Award winning film Moonlight for director Barry Jenkins, and with Irina Caballero, Ashes. He is also a co-founder of Borscht Corp, the non-profit film collective behind the Borscht Film Festival. 

Vania Catani (Brazil), Production company
She founded the production company Bananeira Films, which has produced different films and winners of several international film festivals.
Among these are Os Nomes do Rosa, which was nominated for the Emmys in 1998 in the best documentary category and O Palhaço, directed by Selton Mello and nominated for the Oscars in the best foreign language film category. Among her filmography is La Playa (2012), co-producer of Billi Pig (2011), producer of No Lugar Errado (2011), executive producer of O Palhaço (2011), executive producer of País do Desejo (2011) and O Last Romance of Balzac (2010).

Bruna Linzmeyer (Brazil), Actress
She has acted since 2013 in Brazilian film and television productions. Among her filmography is Rio, Eu te amo (2013); Seewatchlook (2014); Or Amulet (2015); Frente Friaque a Chuva Traz (2016); O Banquet (2017); O Filme da Minha Vida (2017), Bajo Nessa (2017). She has been nominated for different festival awards and has won best new actress of the Brazilian Qualidade Award and best actress of the Trofeu Vivier SC in Brazil.

Special Presentations

Zackary Rago (USA), Scientist
Zack's passion for coral reefs began in the Hawaiian Islands were he spent his childhood summers under the waves of the Pacific. His infatuation with coral led to a position in the marine aquarium industry for 4 years before bringing his passion to Teens4Oceans and View Into The Blue. He received a degree in Evolutionary Biology & Ecology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. As a talented reef aquarist and long time scuba diver, he is dedicated to communicating the story of coral through science and art.

Pierre Filmon (France), Director, producer, screenwriter
Writer, director and producer, Pierre filmed his trip to China in the Trans-Siberian with a 16mm camera; these images would give birth to his first short film Bleus de Chine (1996). His filmography includes The Nuptials (1999), First came the Silence (2003), and Close Encounters with Vilmos Zsigmond (2016). 

Susan Roether Zsigmond (USA), Poet, scriptwriter, widow of Vilmos Zsigmond
Entre uno de los trabajos más interesantes está su participación en la película Encuentros Cercanos con Vilmos Zsigmond (2016) de Pierre Filmon, donde interpretó el papel de ella misma.

Alberto Serra (Panamá), Director and producer of film and television
He is the founder of Windmill Productions. His filmography includes La Isla del Diablo (2008), Sin Voz (2017) and La Fuerza del Balón (2017) with which he won nine nominations at the Italian Sports Film Festival. He has participated in the Festival of San Sebastian and Singapore.

Carlos Aguilar Navarro (Panama), Director
Studied economics at the University of Panama, and film at the International Film and Television School, Cuba. His filmography includes Tiempo Perdido (2009), Buscando al General (2011), and Panama Al Brown (2017).

Stories from Central America and the Caribean

Nelson Carlo de los SantosNelson Carlo de los Santos Arias (Dominican Republic), Director
Participates in IFF Panama with Cocote, winning film of Primera Mirada 2016, with which he won the Special Jury Prize in Estoril, Lisbon; awarded in the Signs of Life section at the Locarno International Film Festival. His filmography includes Santa Teresa y Otras Historias (2015), winner of the award for best Latin American film at the Mar del Plata Film Festival.

Enrique Castro (Panama), Director, screenwriter, editor
He will participate in IFF Panama 2018 with the world premiere of his most recent film, Decembers, the 2016 Primera Mirada finalist. Enrique Castro Ríos graduated from Brown University in the United States and obtained his master's degree in screenwriting from the University of Bergen in Norway. His filmography includes Familia (2007), and the short film Wata (2010), winner of the Best Short of the Hayah Short Film Festival.

Mariel Brown (Trinidad y Tobago), Director
Among her filmography she has award winning films such as the Caribbean Broadcasting Union award for Best Television Documentary West Indies at War; jury prize for Best Documentary Short Smallman, Caribbean Tales International Film Festival; Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary The Insatiable Season; Best Local Film Jury Prize Inward Hunger Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival. She has participated in several international festivals including Clermont-Ferrand, the Pan African Film Festival, and Havana International Film Festival. Her films have been selected at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto and Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut.

Alexandra Latishev (Costa Rica), Director, producer 
Her filmography includes Los volatiles (2014), winner of the Best Documentary prize at the Costa Rican Film Festival, and Medea (2017), her first fiction feature film, which was selected by BAFICI, San Sebastian.

Emilie Upczak (USA), Director, producer, screenwriter  
She was the creative director of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival for ten years, and has worked on a number of short documentaries and experimental work exploring bodies in movement, color, and the feminine look. Her filmography includes the short film Knockabout (2013), and Moving Parts (2017) his first feature film. Her shorts have participated in various international festivals.

Israel Cárdenas (Mexico), Director, producer, screenwriter
He codirects all his films with his wife Laura Amelia Guzmán. His filmography includes Cochochi (2007), Jean Gentil (2010), Carmita (2013), Sand Dollars (2014), and Sambá (2017). They have participated in several international festivals and have won several awards such as Discovery Award, (2007); the Human Rights Prize, (2008), and the SIGNIS (2011) of the International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires; the First Prize for Feature Film and Grand Prize of the Latin American Film Festival of Toulouse (2008); and the nomination of the best feature film at the Venice Film Festival.

Laura Amelia Guzmán  (Dominican Republic), Director, producer, screenwriter 
She co-directs her films with her husband Israel Cárdenas. Her filmography includes Cochochi (2007), Jean Gentil (2010), Carmita (2013), Sand Dollars (2014), and Sambá (2017). They have participated in several international festivals and have won several awards such as Discovery Award, (2007); the Human Rights Prize, (2008), and the SIGNIS (2011) of the International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires; the First Prize for Feature Film and Grand Prize of the Latin American Film Festival of Toulouse (2008); and the nomination of the best feature film at the Venice Film Festival.

Laura Gómez (Rep. Dominicana), Actriz
Laura Gómez is best known for transforming herself into "Blanca Flores" on the award-winning NETFLIX series Orange is the New Black. She's also appeared on Law & Order: SVU and David Simon's HBO miniseries Show Me A Hero (2015). Film roles include the independent film, Sambá (2017), directed by award-winning filmmakers Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cardenas which premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. Gómez is the Spanish announcer for the brand CoverGirl and has lent her voice to numerous audiobooks. Gómez started her journey in her native country, Dominican Republic, moving to New York City at 21-years-old to pursue acting.

Christian Escobar (Colombia/Panama), Director
He studied at Taller Cinco University in Bogotá. He began his career working for television as a camera assistant. T'ach (2017) is his first documentary feature film.

Fernando Muñoz (Argentina/Panama), Director, screenwriter
He began his career in direction, art, illustration and animation working for institutions such as the United Nations, and independent productions for television and advertising in Panama and Argentina. Una Noche de Calypso (2017) is his first long documentary.

Hilda Hidalgo (Costa Rica), Director
Graduated from the International Film and TV School of Havana. She has written and directed fiction shorts and documentaries in Costa Rica, Italy, France, Bhutan, Benin and the Netherlands. Her filmography includes La Pasión de Nuestra Señora (1998), winner of the San Francisco Latino Film Festival Award; Powder of Stars (2001), winner of the best documentary at the International Film Festival of Bogotá; Violent Station (2013), Del amor y otros demonios (2009), and Violeta al fin (2017).

Abner Benaim (Panama), Director, producer, screenwriter
Benaim is again at IFF Panama with his documentary I do not call myself Ruben Blades (2017), his most recent film, winner of the SXSW Audience Award. His films include Chance (2009), Empleados y Patrones (2010), Invasion (2014), winner of the Audience Award at IFF Panama 2014, Best Director Award at MIFF, Best Documentary at the FIQBAC International Festival of Barranquilla, Colombia, and the Audience Award at the Malaga Film Festival. He was one of the directors of Panama Canal Stories (2015), which was screened in the fourth edition of IFF Panama.

More Guests

Director, Producer, Writer

He is known by his shorts and documentaries such as Chance (2005), The Eleutheran Adventure (2006), Float (2007), I Am Not A Dummy (2009), Children of God. (2010), Wind Jammers (2010) and Passage (2013).
His debut feature, Children of God (2010), is the first narrative feature from the Caribbean with LGBT themes. Wind Jammers (2010), which he co-directed with Richard von Maur, is a children's film that deals with racism. Children of God was shown on the television channel Showtime as well as distributed in over twenty-four countries around the world. In 2014, Passage was awarded an African Movie Academy Award for Best Short Film from the Diaspora.

Habanero Films

Alfredo Calvino is a sales agent, known for the promotion of some of the most successful latin american films, some of them include Humberto Solás’s Cecilia (1982), Tomás Gutiérrez Alea’s Strawberry and chocolate (1993), Juan Carlos Tabío’s Plaff (1988), Jose Padilla’s Bus 174 (2002), Camila Guzman’s internationally acclaimed documentary The Sugar Curtain (2005), Santa & Andrés (2016) by Carlos Lechuga, among others. He has also worked for the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematography - ICAIC, Novo de Cinema e TV (Brasil), Latinofusion (México). In 2011 he founded Habanero Films.  

Puerto Rico
Quién eres tu?

He began his career producing theatrical and cultural programs for Puerto Rico’s public television, and working as a producer and presenter for New York’s VME. His filmography includes Under My Nails (2012), Antes que cante el gallo (2016), and Who Are You? (2017).

Los Perros 

Elegido en 2014 por la revista Variety como uno de los 10 productores latinoamericanos con más proyección en el mercado cinematográfico. Es el director y socio mayoritario de la productora Jirafa, y estuvo a la cabeza de dos largometrajes como Aquí No Ha Pasado Nada, Prueba de Actitud, El verano de los peces voladores y participa en IFF Panamá con Los Perros.

The Open Reel
Agente de Ventas

Cosimo Santoro founded the sales agency The Open Reel in 2012, a company focused in the development, diffusion and distribution of independent cinema and arthouse productions on an international level, positioning films at festivals and securing their sale. 

Wiesner Distribution
Puerto Rico

Una especie de Familia

Diego Lerman was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a film director, scriptwriter and producer. He studied Sound and Design at the University of Buenos Aires, and Drama at the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts. His films include Refugiado (2014), Suddenly (2002), and A Sort of Family (2017).

Workshop Facilitator

Eloisa López-Gómez has more than 12 years of experience working in the entertainment industry for high-profile and internationally recognized institutions. She worked at the Miami Film Festival for almost ten years. As an international consultant, she was part of the team at IFF Panamá's inaugural edition. Her background includes sourcing content, providing program recommendations, inviting films and negotiating terms with right holders and hospitality. At Sofá Digital she focuses on their International Business Development, and as part of the programming team she works on weekly content releases, and manages client relationships throughout Latin America. 

Republica Dominicana

Productor de cortos y documentales, Santos Diez ha producido Hermafrodita (2009), Jean Gentil (2010) y Cocote (2017) que participa en la séptima edición de IFF Panamá 2018, y fue ganadora de la sección Primera Mirada en la quinta edición de IFF Panamá en el 2016. 


Is a Canadian film industry executive, who served as CEO of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television from 2011 to 2016. Following her departure from the Academy, she was made a member of the Order of Ontario. 
Before this,  she was appointed in 1986 as interim director of the Festival of Festivals, and short after as permanent director. She remained in the role until 1994. Her term as director of the festival was widely credited with securing its contemporary reputation as one of the world's most prestigious film festivals.
She stepped down shortly after the festival changed its name from Festival of Festivals to the Toronto International Film Festival.


Director for Latin of the Dictionary of Ibero-American Cinema (Spain, Portugal, America). He has been an advisor to the presidency of the Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry (ICAIC) and has participated as a jury in numerous film festivals. He is currently the Director of the New Latin American International Film Festival of Havana.



Jorge Muñiz (Perú), Sound Tech.
Jorge Muñiz was born in Cusco, Peru. He studied at the La Salle School, where he founded and directed the La Salle Radio. He was hired as a radio anchor by Lima’s Radio Miraflores, where he produced and directed several radio programs for 8 years. He studied at the Armando Robles Godoy Film School, and screenwriting at the EICTV Film School in Cuba, where he was taught by writer Gabriel García Márquez. He went on to complete the Cinema Studies program at the University of Toronto. He was editor of the political and cultural magazine “Opinión”, and was visual director of the Mixed Company Theater. He lives in Toronto since 2000, where he works as a sound technician for film and television. 


Is an actor and talent agent, known for Open Your Eyes (1997), Talk to Her (2002) and Thesis (1996).


He is the co-founder of Maneglia- Schembori Realizadores. His films include 7 Boxes (2012), winner of the Youth Jury Award at The International Film Festival of San Sebastian. Gold Seekers (2017) is his latest feature. 


Klaus Eder (Germany), Editor, General Secretary.
Editor of the monthly film magazine “film" 1966-1968. From 1968 film critic of the national public radio "Bayerischer Rundfunk". Books, among others, on Andrzej Wajda, Luis Bunuel, on Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Konchalovski, Arturo Ripstein, Im Kwon-taek, Nagisa Oshima; co-author of a History of Bulgarian Cinema. Curator of a series of 30 films of the German 50s "After the War, Before the Wall" at the New York Film Society of Lincoln Center (2002). Curator of a series of films by German director Helmut Käutner, accompanied by a book published by the Goethe Institute (2007). 1986 – 2007 programmer of the Munich International Film Festival. Adviser for a variety of festivals. Member of international juries in many festivals (among them Venice, Montreal, Istanbul, Moscow, Karlovy Vary, Odessa, Jerusalem, Bari). General Secretary of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) from 1987.


His films have been shown in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and South Korea, among other countries. His film "Black Necked Swan, White Collar" participated in the 2013 Documentary Fortnight Show at the MoMA Museum in New York. Since 2009, his films have excelled in the Young Show organized by the ICAIC and other Cuban festivals. In Toronto, he collaborates every summer with the Independent Imaging Retreat (Film Farm) experimental film project directed by Philip Hoffman. He has participated in several international conferences on documentary filmmaking in France, Argentina and Mexico. He is a member of the Film Association of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba.



Sebastián Vásquez (Argentina), Musician.
Sebastian is a musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied classical music at the national conservatory, where he learnt to play the violin and the guitar. After completing a degree in Media and Communication studies, he went on to study film and specialized in editing. He has composed several soundtracks for film, television and advertising. He currently produces a string orchestra, a rock band, and is a freelance editor, producer and composer.



Paula Gastaud (Brazil), Consultant.
Paula Gastaud has been involved in the film industry since 2001, first working and developing film projects and TV content as an executive producer in Brazil. Since 2009 her focus has been the international market, developing business opportunities for Brazilian filmmakers in Europe and Latin America. In Sofa Digital since the company’s creation, she manages the licensing of independent content for distribution in VOD platforms in Latin America.

Executive Director

Nielhausen is an American filmmaker and producer. Together with husband Thom Powers, she founded DOC NYC, America's largest documentary festival. Her documentaries Miss Gulag (2007), Joe's Violin (2016) earned her critical acclaim including an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Short Subject at 89th Academy Awards, with director Kahane Cooperman.



Director of Cinema23 and of Fénix Awards. He has been director and associate programmer of Ambulante Gira de Documentales (2011 -2012), director of the Film and Human Rights section of the International Contemporary Film Festival of Mexico City (FICCO) (2005-2008) and jury of recognized International festivals such as International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) and the International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias (FICCI). He has also been composer in residence of the orchestra of The Hague from 2000 to 2005. His compositions and audiovisual works have been presented in different forums in countries such as England, Holland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina, United States,, South Africa, China, Australia among others. He has also been co-designer of the museography of the Memory and Tolerance Museum in Mexico City.



Williams works within an avant-garde/experimental tradition, and has made the feature film The Human Surge, in addition to a number of short films. His works have been presented at film festivals such as Cannes, Locarno, Toronto and New York. He frequently works with his partner and fellow countryman actor Nahuel Pérez Biscayart.


His first feature “Por las Plumas” has been in several film festivals and won Best Central American Film and Best Director in Guatemala and Best Script in Colombia. 
"El Gran Líbano”, was part of The Factory, opening the Director's Fortnight at the 70th Cannes Film Festival. He work on Jamón, an experimental documentary supported by Tribeca Film Institute, and Cascos Indomables, his 2nd feature film that was part of Cannes Cinéfondation Residence, 3 Puertos, Paris Coproduction Village, Locarno Filmmakers Academy, Produire au Sud and Toulouse, where it won the Cinema Development – BrLab Award.


Camila Urrutia was born in Guatemala. She obtained a B.F.A in Film from Concordia University in Montreal. In 2005 she was awarded a scholarship from the French Embassy to study a Masters in Film Studies at the Sorbonne University of Paris. She began making short documentary films about feminist social causes and organizations that dealt with raped survivors during the war. Her filmography includes the shorts Actoras de Cambio, We are all Barrilas, Women healing life, and Gunpowder Heart (2017), her feature debut.

Executive Director

As executive director of the Ricky Martin Foundation, Bibiana is in charge of leading the foundation’s socio-educational fight to abolish modern day slavery. To that end, she has traveled the world and participated in local and international coalitions, representing RMF before the United Nations forums and Congress.
Bibiana, an award-winning journalist, has participated in the first and second human trafficking investigation in Puerto Rico and is currently providing support with their third pioneer study to be published in February 2017. In conjunction with the RMF team, she has spearheaded advances in public policy and leads the institution vision into action by strategizing their wealth of educational and community initiatives in partnerships.



He was discovered playing a casual game of baseball and chosen among 500 actors to star in his first acting role, Sugar, a film about a baseball player. He has been in Sambá (2017), Isolated Victim (2017), La Isla Rota (2018) and Captain Marvel to be release in 2019.

Johnny Massaro 

He is an actor and producer, known for Young Hearts (1995), Todas As Razões Para Esquecer (2018) and In Therapy (2009) and is participating in IFF Panama with A Movie Life


Her first short Temporal, received the Grand Prix of the Biarritz Festival. She participated at the Mauritz Binger Institute for the development of her first film Agua Fría de Mar. This project participated in the BAL, where she won the ARTE prize. She also received support from funds such as Hubert Bals, Cinergia, Torino Film Fund, Ibermedia, Fondation GAN and the regional fund Ile-de France. She was a finalist for the Sundance NHK award and participated in Films in Progress, at the San Sebastian festival. Agua Fría de Mar was premiered at the Rotterdam International Festival and was awarded the Tiger VPRO Award. Her short film Cuilos, received four awards at the Icaro Festival in Guatemala. Paz Fábrega is currently developing her next film All of Us, selected to participate in the Residence Cinéfondation of the Cannes Film Festival.




Rodríguez manages the Department of Documentary Programming at the Tribeca Film Institute, which includes: the Tribeca All Access Program, the TFI Documentary Fund, the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund and the TFI Latin America Media Arts Fund.

Sound Design Workshop

Francisco Lombardi 

Francisco Lombardi is a Peruvian film director, producer and screenwriter. He has directed 17 films since 1977. He received the prestigious Silver Shell for Best Director award at the San Sebastián Film Festival  in 1985 for his film The City and the Dogs based on the novel La ciudad y los Perros by Mario Vargas Llosa, and again in 1996 for the film Under the Skin.  His film Without Compassion was screened at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.


Judith Rodríguez (Dominican Republic), Actress, Writer, Producer.
Judith Rodríguez is a Dominican stage and screen actress, writer, director and producer. Since 2008, she has acted in 14 films. In 2011 she co-wrote and co-directed the short film 'Cold'; winner and official selection of various film festivals in Santo Domingo, Trouville and Toronto. In 2013, Rodríguez starred and directed the half-length film Te para Tres, which received very good critical reception and audience's acclaim. 

Laura Imperiale 

Laura Imperiale is a Mexican producer of more than 30 films, including such classics as El Crimen del Padre Amaro, Cinco dias sin Nora, Del amor y otros demonios and El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba, the last two based on novels by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Her films have been exhibited in multiple acclaimed film festivals and have won several awards, including best movie at the Mar del Plata Festival for Cinco Días Sin Nora. Two of her films, Así es la Vida and El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba were exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival, while El crimen del Padre Amaro was nominated for the Oscar as best foreign film. 

Julio López Fernandez


Isis Rivera de González (Panamá), Lawyer


José Romero Carrillo (Perú), Critic, Journalist.


Daniel Dominguez Z. (Panamá), Professor, Literary Critic.